Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014 Call to Worship

May 25, 2014 Call to Worship 
( revised from church bulletin)              
Let us set aside this Sabbath
              as a most special day
              to rest our tired bodies,
              refresh our weary minds,
              renew our sagging souls
              and gather our scattered lives.
Let us celebrate this Sabbath day
              and offer praises to God
              for His creative, providential power,
              for his grace and loving kindness.
Let us give God thanks and praise
              for all the many awesome blessings,
  the generous mercies we receive each day.

Revised Prayer of Confession
(from church bulletin May 25, 2014)

O God, our God, we confess to You
                  that we have lifted up our souls
                                    to what is false.
                  We have deceived ourselves and others.
                  We have led a life that is not worthy of
                                    our Sovereign, Jesus Christ.
                  We have imprisoned others
                                    and not set them free.
                  We ourselves are bound by
                                    our prejudices and inhumanity.
Forgive us, O God,
 for we cannot live
in our deceit
and unfaithfulness.

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