Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our loving, protecting, encouraging Abba

Merciful and Mighty God,   
Master Creator of the Universe, 
Lover and Protector of those whom You have created.  
Be with Your children who are sick, lonely, frightened, 
     grieving, depressed, estranged from You.  
Let us feel Your comforting presence 
     bringing the assurance that we are not alone, 
     for You are not even a breath away from us, 
     You will always be holding us to Your bosom, 
     Your love will never willingly let us go.  
Let us remember that You, unlike us, our friends and family, 
     do not break Your promises.   
Lord, help us to remember 
     that we are not worthless in Your sight. 
Instead, we are the crown of Your creation, 
     so important that You chose to make us in Your own image. 
Help us to see ourselves as You see us, 
     not as the world sees us. 
Give us strength to keep our concentration on You; 
     keep us from being influenced by the cruel words 
         of those who hate us.  
Help us to believe in You, 
     to believe that You are a Loving God;
     Who never rejoices in seeing our failures and inadequacies.  
Assure us that we can turn to You; 
     share our joys and concerns with You 
     no matter how small or petty others think they are.  
You are our loving, protecting, encouraging Abba 
     who has given us bounteous riches of the world 
          You have created for us.  
You are our Abba who wants us to be all that we can be;
     to do all that we can do to make our lives acceptable to You.
Thank You, Precious Father, for the goodness, the blessings 
     You have provided for us.  
Forgive us for being hard-headed, stubborn people 
     who whine too much and who say "thank you" too  little. 
Thank you for Your goodness and mercy.  
Hold us close today as we speak, travel,   .  
Let us stay close to You showing justice, love and mercy to others. 

In Christ's name       1-27-15 (Mab)

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