Sunday, February 8, 2015

Turn my Sorrows into Joys

Dear Lord, Almighty God, 
You who are able to calm the troubled seas and turn water into wine, 
I ask you to calm my soul and turn the my sorrows into joys. 
Forgive me for my many sins, for hurting others, 
for so many actions that I should not have done, for so many actions 
that I should have done. 
I am so sorry that I so easily stray from Your pathways 
     ending up in places that I would rather not be. 
Give me the strength to forgive others who have knowingly or unknowingly hurt me.  
Help me  let the petty barbs go; let me hand them over to You.  
Do not let me act as if I am 7 instead of 70.  
Do not let me stoop to swapping silly, childish verbal blows 
     with those who would hurt me. 
Help me to remember that it is better to save a relationship than to win an argument.  
Help me to remember that my purpose is to help others.  
Let me become the person You intended for me to be.  
Help me to look at others as You intended them to be; 
     let me see You in others; 
     let me celebrate them, not destroy them.
Help me to empty myself of me so that I can be filled with you. 
Be with those I love;  
may they walk in the light of Your love, peace, and mercy; 
may they know You and follow You and not be tempted 
     by the idols and evils of this world.  
Let them understand that this world is not our home; 
  something better lies ahead for us all
     --an eternal home with You if we will choose it. 
Father, help me to deal with this last conflict; let me let You lead. 
Give me faith to believe that You will put the pieces of broken relationships 
     back together in Your time, not mine. 
I thank You; I praise You; I honor You; I love You.

In Christ's name I pray.    Feb 8, 2015

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