Thursday, August 25, 2016

Let Me Build Others Up 

Heavenly Father,
Be with me today.
Let my words and actions 
please You.
Let my heart sing with joy
     because I am Your child.
Let me bring honor and glory
     to Your name.
Let me love.
Be with my loved ones; 
 Guide me to hurting people;
Lead me to places
      where I am needed.
Let me feel your holy presence;
Give me strength;
Give me Your comfort
Help me to see the lonely hearts
     in my life.
Be with those who mourn
     the loss of loved ones,
     the loss of the security of routine,
     the loss of jobs and traditions.
Assure them that all things
     will be done in accordance
     with  Your Will.

Be with those who are estranged
     from family members
     from friends.
     from You.
Lead them and show them
     how to walk across the room
         of reconciliation.
Be with those who live
     in the dark caves of depression,
     feeling unloved,
Shine the beacon of Your light on them.
Illuminate the path for them to follow
      from the depths of despair
     into the sunlight of Your love and grace.
Let them feel the warmth of Your presence.

Lord, as I age, help me
     have a positive attitude,
     look at myself and evaluate myself
     before giving in to the temptation
      to point accusing fingers at others.
Thank you for my many blessings/
Let me build others up in love;
      not tear them down in jealousy.
                                    In Christ's name.

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