Thursday, August 25, 2016

I have engraved you on the palm of my hands.  Isa. 49:16

Lord, forgive me for putting 
   so much time and energy
       into worldly things. 
Help me to clear my mind
     of unnecessary, 
             frivolous concerns.
 Help me to stay focused 
      on You and Your kingdom.
 Let me honor You in all I do or say. 
Give me patience 
      with myself and others. 
Just as I am not perfect, 
      let me forgive others
     who are not perfect either. 
Let me show love and humility to those
      with whom I become annoyed.
 Let me be a willing, eager servant 
       to those in need. 
Forgive me for not doing 
     those things I should.
Be with those who are hurt,
     sick, …..grieving,….. lonely. 
Remind me that they 
      are my responsibility. 
Let me show kindness… mercy … 
      love to all.
Let me turn my back 
      on self pity and jealousy.
 Let me return good for evil.
Let me build up 
      instead of tearing down.
Help me to remember
     that my name is engraved
     on the palms of Your hands.
Assure me that You 
      will not forget or desert me. 
I praise You 
      for the goodness and joy 
      I experience daily. 
Thank You, Almighty God 
     for all things.
In Christ's name.

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