Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Heavenly Father, Loving God,
When I do not stop  to enjoy the quietness
     of time spent with You,
     my spirit becomes troubled, restless,
     filled with the world and its sinfulness. 
The busy "busyness" of my days 
     prevent me from replenishing  my spirit.
Lord, show me how to prepare my soul
      so that You can feed it with healthy fruits
      that will sustain holiness  within me.
Pluck out the insidious, noxious weeds
     of pride, jealousy, anger, self-pity, self-righteousness,
     those sins of my worldly flesh
     which grow so rapidly, chocking and killing
     the  good fruit of the spirit.
As Jesus has prepared a place for His saints in heaven,
Help me prepare my heart, my soul,
     the core of my being , 
     as a place for the Holy Spirit to live.
Lord, calm me when I am being difficult,
     when relationships with others are prickly.
Let me feel Your presence around me
     when I am feeling lost, unloved, abandoned.
Let me put my arms around others,
     encourage them, affirm their importance,
     celebrate them, love them instead of maligning them,
     feeding off of their inadequacies,
     enjoying their discomforts.
Forgive me                                                                          
     when I do not sacrifice myself for others,
     when I do not love unconditionally,
     when I whine instead of praising,
     when I do not rejoice  because I am  Your child.
Forgive me when I waste money on fluff
     ignoring the needs of those  hurting in ways
     I have never experienced.
Forgive me for becoming too involved
     with petty remarks,  insignificant acts, criticisms of others.
Help me discern the really important words and deeds .
Forgive me when I fail to glorify Your name,
     when I do things that are not in accordance with your will.
Forgive me when I I spend too much time pondering
     ways in which others disappoint me.
Let me remember the Royal Commandment
     and love my neighbors as I love myself.
I know what You expect me to do,
     how You expect me to behave,
     but I do not always do what I am called to do.
Forgive me when I do those things I should not do,
     choosing not to do those things I should.
Lord, let there be health in me let my heart be Your heart.
Work within me, use me to do Your will.

Bless me, guide me, let me love.   In Christ's name. 

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