Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You know my thoughts
     before I do.     
You knit together the threads of my being
     my mortal, mental mechanisms,
     my brain waves, my tongue.
You know my life experiences,
     the joys and hurts that have molded me.
You know what makes me work,
     what operates my actions and reactions,
     my failings, my moods.
You know my strengths,
     my weaknesses, my flaws.
Be with me as I interact with others.
Keep me focused on what I myself am doing,
     not on what others do.
Let my thoughts be positive and constructive,
     not negative and destructive.
Stop me from diving into the shallow pond of self-pity.
Let me dignify the concerns of others.
Remind me that I swim in a huge sea of humanity
     in which I must discern the needs of others
     if I am going to live harmoniously with them.
Remind me that I must love others
     who share this ocean with me
     if we are all going to find peace and joy
    instead of doubt and fear.
Show me how to find the safe havens, the buoys.
Show me how to know when I am in danger
     and lead me back to You.
Let me be Your arms and legs as I swim
     to the shore of Your eternal kingdom.
Let me always pray that I do all things
     in accordance with Your Will,
          not mine, Lord.
Let me bring honor and glory to Your name.

               Amen and amen. In Jesus' name.  

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