Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lord of heaven and earth,      
Creator of the firmament,
Father of all mankind,
Thank you for this day,
     a day in which I can shine
     and glorify You in all I do,
Help me to stay focused on You
     and be mindful of Your will.
Let my thoughts and deeds
    be in accordance with Your plans.
Help my heart be so pleasing to You
     that Your heart can live within it.
Let me be a joy to those I meet;
     don't let me be a pain,
     the kind of person others avoid.
Don't let me wear out my welcome,
     or my presence be chalk squeaking on a blackboard.
Let me turn the other cheek to difficult people.
Let me be a good forgiver when I am hurt.
     a cup of kindness to those who are hurting,
     a loving touch to my neighbors, even the difficult ones.
Let my life be a worship service for You,
     full of prayer, singing Your praises, preaching the truth
          of Your mercy, grace, peace, and love.
Let me be a beacon that draws others to You.
Forgive me when I am so full of myself
     that others cannot see anything of You in me.
Thank You for Your unconditional love
     for being my eternal, sustaining God
     Who always fulfill promises and Who cannot lie.
Let me always remember Your promise of eternal life.
Keep me from being the reason another falters
     in his walk with you.
Instead, plant in me seeds of courage and desire
     to share the message of salvation in Jesus
     in such a way that they will want to know You too.
I thank You for all the saints who encourage me.
As I go on session, let my attitude be positive.
Work within me and make me uplifting and selfless.

                        In Jesus' name I pray. 

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