Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joy comes in the Morning.

Lord God, Creator of all living things, Redeemer of mankind,
I thank You for all the gracious blessings you have bestowed
     upon me and my family this day.
I thank You for answered prayers, for knowing what is best for us
     when we ourselves don’t know.
I thank you for doing all things in accordance with Your perfect will,
     even when we think we know what is best for ourselves,
     when we don’t have patience to keep trusting and waiting on You.
I thank You for being in control of our lives, 
      for lifting our hearts up in joy. 
I praise You, Lord, for Your goodness, Your mercy, Your kindnesses, 
     Your love for me, unworthy sinner that I am.
Lord, help me realize that I don’t have to be the leader all the time.
Teach me to relax and to let others be in charge of situations.
Convince me that I need to be a cheerleader for others;
Help me to train others to take my place.
When others do things differently from the way I do,
      let me react with positive words and praise.
Don’t let me be a nitpicker who purposely hurts feelings.
Let me build others up with favorable, helpful words.
Thank You for the glory of this day and for the joy of being with others.
Lord, You heard our prayers throughout the long night,
     and You have given us joy in the morning.
Praise You, Lord!!  Praise You, Almighty God.

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