Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Most Caring, Most Loving God

Most Gracious, Heavenly Father,
Almighty, Most Powerful God, but also
     Most Caring and Most Loving God,
     Too Wonderful for me to grasp,
You want me; permit me, to call You “Abba,”
And You, Supreme Creator, Ruler of all,
     You call me “Beloved.”
What an Awesome God You are, Lord!!
Thank You for Your many blessings,
     for the sacrificial love You bestow on me.
Thank You for Your faithfulness
     to Your covenant with Your people.
Thank You for loving me in spite of myself,
     unworthy and undeserving as I am.
Remind me of my purpose in life:
     to glorify You in all I do, say, and think.
Forgive me when I do not fulfill my purpose,
      and there are too, too many times
      when I do fail to reflect Your glory.
Forgive me for my unclean thoughts,
     for wanting to be most important,
     for being full of pride and selfishness.
I would like to do better, Lord,
     to be a better person,
     to bring honor and glory to You.
Forgive me when I fall short of Your expectations.
Teach me to be humble,
     to be sacrificial when loving others,
     to find joy in turning the other cheek,
     in going the extra mile for others.
Teach me to be a loving servant,
     to be truly repentant,
     to be a receptacle for Your love,
     a vessel through which Your love can flow.
Transform me into the person You need,
     a person You can use to help others.
                            In Christ’s name, I pray.  Amen

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