Sunday, May 12, 2013

Building Walls: Prayer of Confession May 12

O God of lasting peace,                                                                                                     
We have built up walls
     to protect ourselves from our enemies,
     to protect ourselves from being exposed
          as the flighty, sinful people we are,
     to protect ourselves from hurt pride,
     to protect ourselves from embarrassments,        
     to protect ourselves from seeing the need,
          the loneliness, the suffering in
          our neighbor’s eyes,
to protect ourselves from getting our hands messy
          by working with orphans, the homeless,
          the drug addicts, the convicts, the mutilated,
to protect ourselves from worldly ridicule
         for loving and worshiping You.
Lord, those same walls have also confined us.
They have shut us off from receiving Your love,
     from seeing the needs of others,
     from following and serving You
          as You expect us to follow You.
Break down those walls we have built.
Help us to see that the way to Your heart
      is through reconciling our own hearts
             with the hearts of our enemies.
Bless our enemies and bless us.
Teach us to value and love each other.
Teach us to find great joy in our relationships.
Teach us to feel with our emotions and our hearts
     as well as with our hands.
Let our love for You grow and become more evident
     to others.            In Christ’s name, I pray,  Amen. 

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