Monday, May 27, 2013

Prayer of Confession for March 26, 2013

Gracious Spirit,
Breath upon the waters,
Wind beneath our wings,
Unable to see You,
Deciding You are not really there,
     we trust our own strength,
     make our own decisions,
     enjoy our own triumphs,
     preen in our own success.
We cross an invisible line,
     turn from Your invisible presence.
We do not search for You
     with all our heart, mind, and soul.
We neglect the celebration of discipline:
     prayer, solitude, study, worship, fasting.
We neglect the fellowship of Your church.
     spending time in Your Word,
     learning the basic tenets of our faith.
Gracious Spirit,
     forgive our blind eyes,
     eyes that do not see Your hovering presence.
Let us feel the breath of life
     flowing from Your constant care.
Renew us.
Renew all creation.    
In Christ’s name we pray.
Amen!! Amen!!

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