Saturday, May 11, 2013

Supreme Creator God

Almighty and Most Merciful,  Loving God,
How easy it is to forget that You are indeed
     an almighty, omniscient, omnipotent God.
How easy it is to forget that You are incomprehensibly
     greater than the universe. 
Forgive me when I want to shrink  You to my size,
     when I want to create You in my own image,
     as if I am God, and You are my servant. 
Forgive me when I let my weak, sinful-self redesign You
     into being so many thousands of times less
     than what You are. 
How pompous I can be, Lord!
How do You tolerate me with all of my quirks and warts?
I am so unworthy of Your love, Your mercy, Your faithfulness.
Yet, You continue to keep Your covenant with me. 
You never let me down;  
You are sad when I let myself be dragged down
     by worldly temptations that I cannot resist  
     although, like arsenic, they are not healthy for me. 
Like the alcoholic, the smoker, the drug addict,
     I struggle to avoid my insidious temptations.
I cannot resist trying to make myself
     look bigger and more important than I am. 
I gossip about others, boast about my accomplishments,
     pretend to be someone I’m not. 
Forgive me for my sinfulness,
     for not loving others better than I do; 
     for not going the extra mile for those in need;
     for not using the talents and treasures
     You have given me to do Your will. 
     Too many times I disappoint others, myself, and You.
Give me the courage and the desire
     to change my attitude and my behavior. 
Impress upon my heart the need to be humble;
     the need to listen to Your voice;
     the need to let You lead me;
     the need to follow You.
How easy it is to forget that You had the power,  
     the ability to create a universe out of nothing.   
What a wonderful world You have made.
Where did You get the framework You used?
Where did the great idea of the cosmos come from?
What made You choose to create the sun,
      the moon, the stars in the heavens? 
How did You construct the blueprint for the planets
     for our earth with the waters, the land, the sky?
Such a beautiful world, Lord!
     Such beautiful sunrises and sunsets we enjoy!! 
You are the Supreme Creator;
     nothing created will ever match
     the awesomeness of Your universe.  
And what does Your creation say about You, Lord? 
You are imaginative, inventive, resourceful, limit-less,
     --all worldly adjectives that cannot even begin
     to describe what I feel about You. 
You are a radical and an awesome God;
     and I thank You for loving me,
     small, unworthy person that I am.

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