Monday, April 8, 2013

Too Busy Being Busy

Father, forgive me.
I was too tired to listen to that child
   who needed to talk to me today.
I was too busy with trifles
   to listen to her.
Forgive me.
I have been so caught up in worldly things
   that I have not ministered to Your lambs.
I need your help in remembering
   that problems are large to the young,
   (and often to the old!)
Help me to be a willing listener, Lord,
   even at the end of a trying school day.
Help me to recognize a young girl’s cry for help
   and give me the wisdom to say
   Just the right thing to make her feel
   more confident, more important
   more at peace with herself.
As for me,
Lord, constantly remind me to go to You
   before taking on the problems of the world by myself. 

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