Monday, April 15, 2013

A Lesson from the Opal

Do you know about the Opal? It is made of desert dust, sand, and silica. It owes its beauty and preciousness to a defect. It is a stone with a broken heart. It is full of minute fissures which admit air and the air reflects the light. Its lovely hues and that sweet lamp of fire ever burns at its heart. We may be conscious only of the cracks and desert dust, but so He makes His precious opal. We must be broken in ourselves before we can give back the lovely hues of His light.  -Frank Boreman

I don't want to be broken, but I learned to trust God and rely on Him completely at a time when I myself was broken into a thousand shards. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I found myself at the bottom of a tangible darkness, unable to catch my breath, wondering what was going to become of me.  In that most desperate moment, utterly dejected, I prayed "Find me, Lord, because I can't find myself. Help me because I can’t help myself." And, He heard my prayer; He assured me that He would provide for my needs; He lifted me out of that friendless pit of depression I had fallen into. From that moment, I have been so very blessed and have felt so very loved.  I got the victory of a lifetime from my brokenness---and God got my undivided attention, my love, my life!!!   

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