Friday, April 5, 2013

This House of Worship

(Inspired by the “Call to Worship” - February 24, 2013)

This house of worship is…
              a place of healing for battered lives and broken relationships.  
  a place of calm for frazzled minds tossed in turbulent seas of conflict.
              a place of faith to conquer seemingly, overpowering doubt.
  a place of refuge from the relentless seduction of sinful Babylon.
  a place of returning to God, abused, abandoned, unhealthy,  pitiful.

 a place of praise for the wonder, the beauty, the working of creation.
 a place of reading, studying , and learning God’s Holy Word.
 a place of affirming our faith in God and His perfect plan for us.
 a place of love —God’s immeasurable, sacrificial, unconditional love. 
 a place of practicing to be the heart, the hands, and the feet of Christ.

a place of thanks for this very day; for it is the day the Lord has made.
a place of belonging to the Body of  Christ, being  and attending His bride.
a place of  fellowship--greeting and hugging our neighbors.
a place of celebrating the gift  of God’s unfathomable, amazing grace.
a place of glorifying our Triune God: the Father,  Son, and Holy Spirit.

a place of rejoicing because of our blessings—undeserved,  but bountiful.
a place of prayer offering peace and faith to voiceless beliefs.
a place of  confession for sinners like me: “I’m sorry. Please, forgive me!”   
a place of listening to God’s still, quiet voice deep within our souls.
a place of  welcome for all of us, God’s prodigal sons and daughters.

Therefore, please, please!  
 Come in! Yes!  Let us come into this house of worship!
Let us come with gratitude and thanksgiving.
Let our hearts rejoice because we are in God’s presence.
Remember we are always welcome in God’s house.
Let us thank God for all that we have and all that we are,
And let us continuously lift hearts and voices in adoration, praising Him!!
Alleluia!!!  Alleluia!!!  Alleluia!!!

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