Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reflections on April 14 Prayer of Confession

Dear Jesus,
It is so hard to forgive others
…when they hurt me,
…when they hurt my family,
…when they hurt my friends.
I want to hit back,
I want to inflict pain,
I want to avenge their insults,
I want to make them sorry.
…And sometimes I do retaliate:
I deliberately hit back,
I cruelly hurt others,
I enjoy seeing their pain.
I am ugly and there is no health in me.
But, You, O Lord, You teach
   those of us would follow You
   …lessons of love
   …lessons of forgiveness
   …lessons of going the extra mile
   …lessons of turning the other cheek
   …lessons of loving others as we love ourselves.
You tell us we must forgive others
   as we want You to forgive us which means
   …willingly, completely, freely, without punishment.
But, Dear Lord, I want you to forgive me so much better
   than I forgive others!! Than I forgive myself!!
Forgive me, Lord, when I do not forgive.
Forgive me when I do not love others as You expect me to.  
Help me to understand the motives behind their behavior.
Fill my heart with love for everyone in my world.
Nag at my conscience until l freely forgive them
   and accept them into my world as You accept me.
Thank you, Father, for loving me at all times,
   when I am lovable and when I am unlovable.
   for loving me unconditionally and sacrificially.
Make me worthy of Your Love,
Make me just a little more like Christ.
It is in His name I pray.    Amen

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