Sunday, April 28, 2013

Help Me to Follow You

Loving God,
Instead of following You,
Instead of looking at You,
I am too easily distracted and hypnotized
     by the glaringly garish lights of the neon world around me.
I foolishly reach for shiny fool’s gold,
     for worthless, glossy baubles of transient joy.
Silly me! I don’t dig for the diamonds hidden in Your Word,
I don’t take time to search for the pearls of Your Wisdom.
I am too busy gawking at beautiful man-made idols
     instead of looking at You.
I need to continually stare at You, Lord. 
I need to see You, really see You.
“Be Thou my vision, Lord! Be Thou my vision!”
Help me to keep my eyes focused on You.
Help me to follow You.

Loving God,
Instead of following You,
Instead of listening for Your still, quiet voice
I am too eager to hear loud, garbled, worldly noises,
     the cacophony of voices speaking all at once,
     but never making any sense.
I am fascinated by the sounds of a world
     which wants to speak
     but never listen.
And I do not hear You.
Too often I listen to worldly messages,
     dangerous, unhealthy, destructive messages,
     tempting me to give up my soul.
Lord, give me the strength to ignore, to turn off
     the blaring sounds of worldly influences.
Deafen me to the Siren’s soothing song,
      deceptively luring me away from You.
Forgive me for my foolishness, my lack of wisdom.
Forgive me for listening to the voices of idols.
Give me the strength and the will to hear only Your voice.
Help me to listen when You call my name.
Help me to hear You disclose Your will for me.
Help me to follow You wherever You lead.
Fill my heart with Your love.
Keep me close to Your heart.
Thank you, Lord, for loving me in spite of myself.
In Christ’s name I pray.

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