Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praise to You, Creator God

Lord,  I know You are God,
     Maker of Heaven and Earth,
It is because You are God,
     I glorify You,
     I praise You,
     I serve You,
     I worship You,
     I love You,
     I submit my life to You.
I constantly wonder at Your creation:
     the tiniest insects,
     the weirdest sea animals,
     the strongest and weakest mammals,
     the most fascinating reptiles.
You created all aspects of life:
     the many shapes, sizes, and forms,
     the plants and animals,
    knitted together to make your creation work.
You have created a beautiful universe:
     the sun, moon, stars, and clouds,
     the majesty of the tall mountains,
     the spectacular caverns and canyons,
     the diversity of the trees and flowers,
     the inexorable motion of the seas,
     the waves endlessly teasing the shore.
You created mankind to be Your children,
     Gave us the unselfish gift of free will,
     Loved us in spite of our willful, wicked ways,
     Redeemed us with the  blood of Your precious Son,
     Restored us into a rightful place in Your kingdom.
     Gave us a room in Your house,
     Are saving us a seat of honor near Your throne.
How You love, Lord!  The strength of Your love!
Teach us to love like You love!  
How good You are to Your children, Lord!!
Teach us to be good to each other!
How good You are, Creator God!!  How good You are!!
Thank you!!! Praise You!!!  Alleluia!! Alleluia!!

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